[Fixed] How cache and execute in nodejs a call


I have an application that it’s gathering data from another application, both in NodeJS.

I was wondering, how can I trigger sending the data to a third application on certain conditions? For example, every 10 mins if there’s data in a bucket or when I have 20 elements to send?
And if the call on the third parties fails, how can I repeat it after 10-15 mins?

The behaviour should be something like:

if you have 1 data posted (axios.post) AND [10 mins passed OR other 10 data posted] SUBMIT to App n.3
What can help me doing so? Can I keep the value saved until those requirements are satisfied?
Thank you <3


You can use packages like node-schedule which is popular to schedule tasks. When callback runs check if there is enough data(posts) to send.

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