[Fixed] How can i remove port from url to make source for images from xampp database to work properly?


I’m new to angular and i have a problem with angular and xampp. I’m trying to load images from mySQL database where i stored their destination. Problem is that angular tries to access that destination through this:

enter image description here

My HTML is:

enter image description here

But my url to that image is without port :4200

When i access localhost/bcPraca/php/upload/imageName then that image shows up so it works.

So how can i remove that port from Url. Or what can i do to make it work ?

Everything else is working properly except that source in the image.


You have to use a proxy in order to be able to communicate with your backend/
In order to use a proxy:

  1. Create a proxy.conf.json in the root of your workspace (adapt the following to our needs):

    "/api": {
    "target": "http://localhost/api",
    "secure": false,
    "changeOrigin": true
    "logLevel": "debug"

  2. Start your app with the following command:

    ng serve –proxy-config proxy.conf.json

You can read more about angular proxy here

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