[Fixed] How do I convert data from a buffer into a buffer?


I am trying to write a unit test to verify my signature function that calculates the signature of incoming data from a webhook. The function is working as expected and calculating the signature correctly.
Signature code:

exports.checkSignature = (req) => {
  let signatureComputed = this.computeSignatue(req.rawBody);
  const signature = req.header('X-WC-Webhook-Signature');
  return signature === signatureComputed;

exports.computeSignatue = (body) => {
  return crypto.createHmac('SHA256', process.env.WEBHOOK_SECRET).update(body).digest('base64');

However, when I try to test the computeSignature function in jest, I need to pass the ‘rawBody’ which is the buffer of the request body as defined in my server.js file:

    verify: (req, res, buf) => {
      req.rawBody = buf;

When I log the body input that is given to computeSignature I get the following:


I believe this is the decimal representation of the incoming JSON object as a string. I need to take this decimal representation and turn it into a Buffer to give to my jest function:

 describe('Security checks', () => {
    it('should succeed signature checks', () => {
      const result = helper.computeSignatue(MY_BUFFER);
    it('should fail signature checks', () => {
      const result = helper.checkSignature(payloadData.badRequest);

I think the main problem is that I can’t mock the express middleware shown above that makes use of the ‘verify’ function. If I could mock this I would be able to pass my JSON object through and retrieve the buffer that way.


Here’s relevant documentation that shows how to construct a Buffer from an Array representation of its bytes:

If you need to use the "real" data that you console.logged as a test input, this is the way to go. Or, you could load test JSONs from files, e.g. using fs.readFile or fs.readFileSync – if you don’t specify an encoding, you get a Buffer of the bytes in the file.

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