[Fixed] How do I disable express logs in my node.js CLI?


I am new to node.js and I am trying to move away from using console.log for debugging everything. I am trying to use

debug("test message")

instead of console.log for everything.

I installed the debug npm package, and it instructed me to:

set DEBUG=* node server.js

But, with my express package, I get the following:
code picture

The app message in blue is the only relevant message to me since I am trying to use that instead of console.log. How can I get rid of these express logs? Do you think at some point they would be important?


you can use it like


and output messages with

dbg('A new message')

also to output only those messages that you want

set DEBUG=myserver:app node server.js

you can also exclude with - or include like myserver:app,express:*

with DEBUG environmental variable you can specify what to output or no. more information https://www.npmjs.com/package/debug check the wildcards and examples

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