[Fixed] How to add debounce time to an async validator in angular 2?


This is my Async Validator it doesn’t have a debounce time, how can I add it?

static emailExist(_signupService:SignupService) {
  return (control:Control) => {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
          data => {
            if (data.response.available == true) {
            } else {
              resolve({emailExist: true});
          err => {
            resolve({emailExist: true});


Angular 4+, Using Observable.timer(debounceTime) :

@izupet ‘s answer is right but it is worth noticing that it is even simpler when you use Observable:

emailAvailability(control: Control) {
    return Observable.timer(500).switchMap(()=>{
      return this._service.checkEmail({email: control.value})
        .catch(err=>Observable.of({availability: true}));

Since angular 4 has been released, if a new value is sent for checking, Angular unsubscribes from Observable while it’s still paused in the timer, so you don’t actually need to manage the setTimeout/clearTimeout logic by yourself.

Using timer and Angular’s async validator behavior we have recreated RxJS debounceTime.

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