[Fixed] how to fetch date from list of data in angular?


I have a list of json coming from api in which date is present as shown below. How can i extract this date. I have just shown random data that is data number may be 1 or 2 or 3 digits. Here in this case we have data number 24,124,04. Date is in yyyy-mm-dd format.


Since this list is dynamic, so data number may change. How can i get date from it???


I can think of this right now. This will work well for the stated filenames:

const arr = ['data-24-1296176045661093905-33-2021-03-10T12-22-47.26942346.json',
const getDate = (fileName) => {
    return fileName.split(/(?<=\-)(.*?)(?=\T)/)[1].split('-').slice(3).join('-');

arr.forEach(fileName => console.log(getDate(fileName)));

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