[Fixed] How to find the size of the file in Node.js?


I am using multer for uploading my images and documents but this time I want to restrict uploading if the size of the image is >2mb. How can I find the size of the file of the document? So far I tried as below but not working.

var storage = multer.diskStorage({
      destination: function (req, file, callback) {
        callback(null, common.upload.student);
      filename: function (req, file, callback) {  
        var ext = '';
        var name = '';
        if (file.originalname) {
          var p = file.originalname.lastIndexOf('.');
          ext = file.originalname.substring(p + 1);
          var firstName = file.originalname.substring(0, p + 1);
          name = Date.now() + '_' + firstName;
          name += ext;
        var filename = file.originalname;
        uploadImage.push({ 'name': name });
        callback(null, name);

Can anyone please help me?


var fs = require("fs"); //Load the filesystem module
var stats = fs.statSync("myfile.txt")
var fileSizeInBytes = stats.size;
// Convert the file size to megabytes (optional)
var fileSizeInMegabytes = fileSizeInBytes / (1024*1024);


function getFilesizeInBytes(filename) {
    var stats = fs.statSync(filename);
    var fileSizeInBytes = stats.size;
    return fileSizeInBytes;

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