[Fixed] How to implement Fabricjs Align guidelines in Angular?


We are trying to implement the FabricJs Guidelines-(Aligning, Snapping) as per the link: https://github.com/fabricjs/fabric.js/blob/master/lib/aligning_guidelines.js

These are steps, we followed (as per link : How to call JavaScript functions from Typescript in Angular 5?):

Step 1: Copied these js’s into the assets/folder as guidelines.services.js

Step 2: Declared those functions on .ts files

ISSUE: Still facing issues – delay in loading shapes in implementing it.

Kindly help us with relevant Demo/ implementation /Documents.


The mentioned above steps are right, except they need to be initialized at ngAfterContentInit().
Codes will be like this.

//#region Methods which are defined in the .js files.

declare function initCenteringGuidelines(canvas: fabric.Canvas):void;
declare function initAligningGuidelines(canvas: fabric.Canvas):void;
declare function initKeyBoardMovement (canvas: fabric.Canvas,e:any):void;


  selector: 'app-fabric-canvas',
  templateUrl: './fabric-canvas.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./fabric-canvas.component.scss'],

ngAfterContentInit() {
    this.ngZone.runOutsideAngular(() => {
      if (this.eventHandler.canvas) {
      this.canvas = new fabric.Canvas('canvas', {
        selection: true,
        preserveObjectStacking: true,
        backgroundColor:'#2d2d2d', //need to add to Theme,
        fireRightClick: true,  // <-- enable firing of right click events
        fireMiddleClick: true, // <-- enable firing of middle click events
        stopContextMenu: true, // <--  prevent context menu from showing


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