[Fixed] How to implement validation using express-validator for the nested object


I created a model as follow:
the model for buying, this used mongoose

in the model “name”, “commodityID”, “totalAmount” are required, but notice commodity ID and totalAmount is part of an inner object “productDetails”, and now I am using express-validator to do server-side validation as like this
this is the api through which the application can interact

this validation works for “name” fields which make sense but it doesn’t work for the “totalAmount” and “commodityID” which are fields of an inner object,
and it is the pics I took throw postman
this is a request and response made by postman

may you guys show me the right way to solve this problem


Use Wildcard * for nested Objects Read

        check('name', " ").not().isEmpty()
        check('productDetails.commdityID', " ").not().isEmpty()
        check('productDetails.totalAmount', " ").not().isEmpty()

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