[Fixed] How to keep behavior subject data on page reload


I have a component (properties.component.html) that renders real estate properties. When a user clicks on a specific property, I set a Behavior Subject equal to this property.

private property = new BehaviorSubject<Property>();

setProperty(property) {

The component (property.component.html) renders just fine with the data returned from the observable in the service from the Behavior Subject.

  .subscribe((property) => {
     this.currentProperty = property;

My issue: when the page reloads, the Behavior Subject is now ’empty?’ with no data because the .next(property) gets called in properties.component.html on a click.

How can an application hold data on page refresh/reload?

Another poster mentions storing the property in localStorage as a stringified JSON. If that’s the solution, then how can a user access this specific property by directly visiting https://www.myapp.com/property/1234?


Not the most elegant solution, but you can do something like this:

export class PropertyService {

    private property = new ReplaySubject<Property>(1);

    constructor() {
        let storedProp = localStorage.get('storedProp');
        if (storedProp)
            this.setProperty(JSON.parse(storedProp), false);

    setProperty(property: Property, storeProp: boolean = false) {
        if (storeProp)
            localStorage.set('storedProp', JSON.stringify(property));

    getProperty() {
        return this.property;

The subscriber would get the value whenever it subscribes to proptery through getProperty().subscribe().

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