[Fixed] How to load mock data from JSON file in Angular 2 karma jasmine test?


I am writing karma jasmine test case for angular 2,

And we came across requirement to mock data in separate JSON file as data is huge (want to make sure code cleanness). For this I searched a lot but didn’t find proper solution.

We already mocking HTTP service using MockBackend, So we can’t use HTTP service of angular to load JSON as it eventually request will go to MockBackend.

So is there any another way without using any third party lib like
jasmine-jquery or Karma-jasmine-preprocessor ? More kind of Angular JS 2 way.


I had the same issue!

Finally, I realized that just using the require() function directly in TypeScript works just fine. It is supported by Node and @types/node, otherwise some need to declare require types.

So to load mock data from JSON file in Angular 2 Karma Jasmine test, go for:

const data: any = require('../../assets/mock-data.json');

PS: credits to Artur Ampilogov

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