[Fixed] Implementing Recursive Function with Async and Await with Angular 10


I am trying to fetch a set of images as base64. To utilize max bandwidth, we planned to fetch one image after the other.

Below is the code

const input = ['url1']; //Array of image urls

this.recursiveFunction(input, 0, []).then((res: any) => {

async recursiveFunction(urls: any, index = 0, responses: any = []){
    const url = urls[index];
    return await this.srv.getData({ url: url }).subscribe((response: any) => {
        if (responses.length !== urls.length) {
            return this.recursiveFunction(urls, index + 1, responses);
        return responses;


Tested with 6 images, the service calls are working fine.

But i see the console.log(res) outputs immediately the function is called (before the first service call) and is shown as below

enter image description here

The responses are having all 6 images base64 data. How to fetch the responses at the end of the last service call


Change your method to :-

async recursiveFunction(urls: any){
    const url = urls[index];
    return await getImages(urls);

async getImages(urls: any) {
       const responses = [];
       for(const url of urls) {
        const res = await this.srv.getData({ url: url }).toPromise();
       return responses;

now you can just pass array of urls and you will get images in response.

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