[Fixed] Input number in Angular Material Design?


There is the standard input as:

 <input type="number" placeholder="Hours">

Is there something in Angular Material Design?

enter image description here

I use Angular latest version

I tried this, but it is just simple input:

  <input mdInput type="number" placeholder="Favorite food" value="Sushi">

It should be < md-input-container input="number">? ot input type="number"> ?


In short, yes. You want < md-input-container > wrapper which supports the following input types

  1. date
  2. datetime-local
  3. email
  4. month
  5. number
  6. password
  7. search
  8. tel
  9. text
  10. time
  11. url
  12. week

For example


Checkout https://material.angular.io/components/input/overview

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