[Fixed] integrate formio api with my angular project


Source code in git

Live Demo

I want to develop Angular8 drag and drop form builder functionality in my angular application
In the above git code it is developed using pure formio

My requirement is I want to integrate this angular drag and drop functionality in my already existing angular project.

I am struck to integrate formio, Please help me How can I strat the integration.

is there any tutorial available with explanation?


first you need to install formio in your project

npm install --save angular-formio

then import formioModule in your project module

import { FormioModule } from 'angular-formio';
    imports: [ BrowserModule, CommonModule, FormioModule ],
    declarations: [ AppComponent ],
    bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]
export class AppModule { }

after that if you want to build a form using formio then call formio-builder in your component and save form json in database by calling rest api.

<form-builder [form]="{
  components: []

and if you want to show your form in component then use formion renderer

<formio src='https://examples.form.io/example'></formio>

let me know if you need any help.

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