[Fixed] Looking for Dropdown (maybe a Framework)


I am looking for an Dropdown, which looks like the following:

enter image description here

Does someone have an suggestions?
(For example Angular Material does not seem to work for my requirements)



What you might be looking for is actually a library and not a framework.

Check out this multiselect npm package

Following is the settings object which you can pass in to this component to customize the behavior of your multiselect dropdown.

    IDropdownSettings {

singleSelection?: boolean;
idField?: string;
textField?: string;
disabledField?: string;
enableCheckAll?: boolean;
selectAllText?: string;
unSelectAllText?: string;
allowSearchFilter?: boolean;
clearSearchFilter?: boolean;
maxHeight?: number;
itemsShowLimit?: number;
limitSelection?: number;
searchPlaceholderText?: string;
noDataAvailablePlaceholderText?: string;
closeDropDownOnSelection?: boolean;
showSelectedItemsAtTop?: boolean;
defaultOpen?: boolean;
allowRemoteDataSearch?: boolean;


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