[Fixed] Microsoft Edge Non-IE mode


I have an angular app hosted on intranet. It automatically tries to run under IE mode when using Edge browser. I tried removing <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> from index.html but no luck. IE Mode configuration has been disabled at browser level so I am not able to change it using settings. However, I know there are some websites which automatically run as NON-IE mode so there seems to be some meta settings.

Is there any specific settings required to force it run as NON-IE mode?


The meta tag will not cause the site to render using the IE-mode.

It looks like some group policies are applied by your company that is loading your site in the IE mode.

I suggest you type edge://policy/ on the Edge browser address bar and press the Enter key.

It will show the list of applied policies.

If all intranet sites are loading in the IE-mode then the below policy may cause this result.

Send all intranet sites to Internet Explorer

If only some sites are loading in the IE-mode then it can be possible that your site is added to the Enterprise Mode site list.

Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List

If you don’t want to load that site in the IE-mode then I suggest you contact the IT department of your company to remove that site from the Enterprise Mode site list.

To get more information regarding IE-mode policies, I suggest you refer to the Configure IE mode policies.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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