[Fixed] mongoose findOne with sorting


I have a problem with a mongo request:

        sort: {
            date_register: -1
    function(err, result) {

I have

{ [MongoError: Error: Unsupported projection option: date_register] name: 'MongoError' }

as error

I’d like to get my users by date_register DESC



This will vary slightly depending on your version of mongoose, but the method signature for findOne looks something like this:

function findOne (conditions, fields, options, callback)

What you intend as options (the sort), mongoose is handling as fields (which fields to load).

You might try explicitly passing null for fields:

models.user.findOne({}, null, { sort: { date_register: -1 } }, callback);

But if you can, you should probably use the query API, which is clearer, like:

models.user.findOne({}).sort({ date_register: -1 }).exec(callback);

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