[Fixed] NestJS in Express mode – log all incoming requests


FastifyAdapter logger is pretty helpful in logging all the incoming requests:

{"level":30,"time":1615660286373,"pid":4,"hostname":"6bc78f92-9bd6-4dfb-bd11-ae4c17a67f7c","reqId":19,"res":{"statusCode":304},"responseTime":6.005196988582611,"msg":"request completed"}

That’s how I used it in Fastify mode/adapter:

const app = await NestFactory.create<NestFastifyApplication>(
   new FastifyAdapter({logger: true})

Is there something similar in Express mode/adapter? Ideally without writing custom logging logic. It looks like a pretty common feature after all.

I checked ExpressAdapter source but it doesn’t seem to have "log" being mentioned at all.


I don’t think so. If you need this feature you should install the logger that fastify uses: pino, and pino-http to enable this yourself. Or just use nestjs-pino (which will do this for you)

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