[Fixed] ngx-translate .instant returns key instead of value


I am trying to make a method which would accept string key and return translated string value by using translate.instant(parameter). The problem is that it returns key(parameter). Usually this is returned if it doesn’t find translation. I think the problem is that method gets called before loader loads translations.

My app.module.ts imports:

  loader: {
    provide: TranslateLoader,
    useFactory: (createTranslateLoader),
    deps: [HttpClient]

createTranslateLoader function:

    export function createTranslateLoader(http: HttpClient) {
  return new TranslateHttpLoader(http, './assets/i18n/', '.json');

In my app.component:

constructor(public translate: TranslateService){

When I translate in html using pipes it works ok.


You are using the TranslateHttpLoader which makes an HTTP request when it’s asked for translations – translate.use('en'). If you call the instant(messageKey) method before the HTTP call returns, ngx-translate will return the key, since it has no translations yet. So you should use the get(messageKey) method to get the translation – it’s asynchronous and returns an Observable:

this.translateService.get('hello.world').subscribe((translated: string) => {
    //=> 'Hello world'

    // You can call instant() here
    const translation = this.translateService.instant('something.else');
    //=> 'Something else'

You can use the instant method only when you are sure that the translations have been already loaded (as in the code example) or you can write your custom synchronous translation loader and use instant anywhere.

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