[Fixed] Not able to apply percent conversion for column in ag-grid


I am currently getting an error while using the percentpipe to convert the values on column of ag-grid in my angular 7 application. The column in question is Percent column as you can see below in the column definition section in the code. Cat i use the percentpipe or is there another way of doing in ag-grid

The error that i get is

ag-Grid: cannot get grid to draw rows when it is in the middle of drawing rows. Your code probably called a grid API method while the grid was in the render stage. To overcome this, put the API call into a timeout, eg instead of api.refreshView(), call setTimeout(function(){api.refreshView(),0}). To see what part of your code that caused the refresh check this stacktrace.

Component code

import { formatDate, PercentPipe } from '@angular/common';

 export class AllocationsComponent implements OnInit {

    private Error: string;
    public evalDate: Date;
    private _evalDate: Date;
    public AllocationDetails: any;
    private _ManagerStrategyId: number;
    public GridOptions: GridOptions;
    windowHeight: any;
    offset: number;
    ngZone: any;
    router: any;
    Comparator: Comparator;
    Route: any;

   constructor(private allocationsService: AllocationsService, private comparator: Comparator,
                private zone: NgZone, private route: ActivatedRoute, private percentPipe: PercentPipe) {
        this.Comparator = comparator;
        this.Route = route;

        window.onresize = (e) => {
            this.ngZone.run(() => {
                this.windowHeight = window.innerHeight - this.offset;
                setTimeout(() => {
                    if (!this.GridOptions || !this.GridOptions.api) {
                }, 500, true);

 setGridOptions() {
        this.GridOptions = {
            columnDefs: this.getColumns(),
            rowData: this.AllocationDetails,
            enableFilter: true,
            enableColResize: true,
            animateRows: true,
            groupDefaultExpanded: 1,
            enableSorting: true,
            suppressCellSelection: true,

            onGridReady: e => {
                if (!e || !e.api) {
            getRowStyle: (params) => {
                if (params.node.level === 0) {
                    return { 'background-color': '#FCE7D7' };

            autoGroupColumnDef: {

                headerName: 'Manager Strategy', width: 300

     private getColumns(): Array<any> {
        const self = this;
        const definition = [
            { headerName: 'Date', field: 'EvalDate', hide: true },
            { headerName: 'Firm ID', field: 'FirmID', hide: true },
            { headerName: 'Manager Strategy ID', field: 'FirmName', hide: true },
            { headerName: 'Firm', field: 'ManagerStrategyID', hide: true },
            { headerName: 'Manager Strategy', field: 'ManagerStrategyName' },
            { headerName: 'Fund ID', field: 'ManagerFundID', hide: true },
            { headerName: 'Fund', field: 'ManagerFundName' },
            { headerName: 'Portfolio', field: 'ProductName' },
            { headerName: 'As Of', field: 'EvalDate',   cellRenderer: (data) => {
                return data.value ? (new Date(data.value)).toLocaleDateString() : '';
             } },
            { headerName: 'EMV (USD)', field: 'UsdEmv',  valueFormatter: currencyFormatter },
            { headerName: 'Percent', field: 'GroupPercent' ,  valueFormatter: formatPercent},
            function currencyFormatter(params) {
            return '$' + formatNumber(params.value);

        function formatNumber(number) {
            // this puts commas into the number eg 1000 goes to 1,000,
             return Math.floor(number).toString().replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, '$1,');

        function formatPercent(number) {

             return this.percentPipe.transform(number);

        return definition;

UI – This is how my column looks like without applying any format

enter image description here


The have resolved this by writing my own method
Basically just multiply the number by 100 and round it to two decimal places . It’s as simple as that.

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