[Fixed] pm2 not found on Azure App service with Node 14 runtime


What I am trying to achieve is to deploy Angular 9 app to Azure App service with Linux OS (Windows does not suit me because Linux is cheaper)
I created Linux web app with Node 14 runtime.
After I deployed my app I see Azure default web page. I tried to resolve that as it is described here

Steps I did on Linux web app with Node 14 runtime:

  1. I added this

    pm2 serve /home/site/wwwroot –no-daemon –spa

to AppService->Configuration->General Settings->Startup Command

  1. Saved configuration and restarted App Service But got pm2 not found error.

  2. Connected to web app using ssh and have run

    npm install pm2 -g

  3. Restarted App Service but still getting pm2 not found.

The question is how to host Angular 9 on Linux app service with Node 14? Should I fix that pm2 not found or I can use some other approach (but still with Linux OS) to solve that?



If you are not concerned about the release method, it is recommended that you execute ng build locally, and then drag and drop all the files in the <your project name> folder directly to wwwroot, or use FTP to upload. Then modify startup cmd with npx serve -s, it also can work.

enter image description here

Files in local.

enter image description here

Files in wwwroot on azure.

enter image description here


After testing, I think this should be a bug. If you must use node 14LTS, I suggest you raise a support ticket on portal for help.

Recurring problem:

  1. Create a linux node 14LTS web app.

  2. Create ng9 project, use vscode deploy and success. Open website and show us default page.

  3. Add startup cmd with pm2 serve /home/site/wwwroot --no-daemon --spa or pm2 serve /home/site/wwwroot/dist/<your project name> --no-daemon --spa , and all failed.

Try to solve:

  1. I change Major version in Stack settings, and the project runs normally.

enter image description here

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