[Fixed] post empty when i use post raw in the postman (node js)


I have a api should receive data to save on database, but when i call the put method my req.body.nome return empty,but when i use the form-urlencoded its work. i tried to use body parser but the body parser is deprecated.

My request put
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My code

//my server
const express = require('express')
const bodyParser = require('body-parser')
const cors = require('cors')

const app = express();
var corsOptions = {
    origin: 'http://localhost:8001'




module.exports = app => {
    const conta = require('../controllers/createCount');
    var router = require('express').Router();

    router.post('/teste', conta.createCount)
    app.use('/api', router)
// my controller
exports.createCount = (req, res) =>{
    const conta = new Contas({
        Nome: req.body.nome,
        Valor: req.body.valor,
        Historico: req.body.historico,
        DataEmissao: req.body.dataEmissao,
        DataVencimento: req.body.dataVencimento
        .then(data => {



  1. You’ve set your body to type "Text" in Postman, which will send an incorrect Content-Type header to your server – open the drop-down menu to the right of the "GraphQL" radio button and set the content type to "JSON".

  2. You’re sending invalid JSON – the spec states that single quotes aren’t allowed – your keys and values should be encapsulated in double quotes ":

        "nome": "Matheus"

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