[Fixed] Problem get ID (Angular Material – Firestore)


I am having problem when implementing a form in Angular Material, the delProduct() function does not work, neither does the editProduct() function.

The getProducts() function obtains the complete array (including the ID),

Adding a console log of the complete element to the delProduct() function gets the complete array, but without the id.

code list-products.components.ts

export class ListProductsComponent implements OnInit {
  productos: any[] = [];
  dataSource: MatTableDataSource<any>;
  displayedColumns: any[] = [
  paginator!: MatPaginator;
  sort: MatSort = new MatSort;

  constructor(private _ProductService: ProductService,
              private afs: AngularFirestore) {
    this.dataSource = new MatTableDataSource(this.productos);

  ngOnInit(): void {

  ngAfterViewInit() {
    this.afs.collection('productos', ref=> ref.orderBy('fechaCreacion', 'desc')).valueChanges().subscribe(data => {
      this.dataSource = new MatTableDataSource(data);
      this.dataSource.paginator = this.paginator;
      this.dataSource.sort = this.sort;

  getProducts() {
    this._ProductService.getProducts().subscribe(data => {
      this.productos = [];
        data.forEach((element:any) => {
        id: element.payload.doc.id,

  delProduct(element: any, index: any) {
   // const data = this.dataSource.data;
   //   data.splice((this.paginator.pageIndex * this.paginator.pageSize) + index, 1);
   //   this.dataSource.data = data;
   //   this._ProductService.delProduct(element.id)
    console.log('ID', element.id)

  applyFilter(event: Event) {
    const filterValue = (event.target as HTMLInputElement).value;
    this.dataSource.filter = filterValue.trim().toLowerCase();
    if (this.dataSource.paginator) {

Code list-products.component.html (items are displayed normally, only I have problems with edit / delete functions)

 <ng-container matColumnDef="action">
        <th mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef> Action </th>
        <td mat-cell *matCellDef="let element; let i = index">
          <mat-icon [routerLink]="['/edit-product/', element.id]">edit</mat-icon>
          <mat-icon (click)="delProduct(element, i)">delete</mat-icon>

code product.service.ts

export class ProductService {

  constructor(private firestore: AngularFirestore){ }
    getProducts(): Observable<any>{
     return this.firestore.collection('productos', ref=> ref.orderBy('fechaCreacion', 'desc')).snapshotChanges();
    delProduct(id: string): Promise<any>{
     return this.firestore.collection('productos').doc(id).delete();
    editProduct(id: string, data:Product): Promise<any>{
     return this.firestore.collection('productos').doc(id).update(data);


You’re reading data twice. Once with ids (using snapshotChanges) and once without ids (using valueChanges).

I suggest putting an id field directly inside every document. It makes everything easier.

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