[Fixed] Read route params Angular


I’m working with Paypal API that after confirming the purchase it redirects to the url you want, I put the url that I wish would be "localhost:4200/shop/order".
however whenever paypal returns the url, they add the token and payerid at the end url
however when it comes back to my angular application, i have an error saying that the page cannot be found.

I have tried several ways to configure the route, but all attempts have failed.
idk if Angular dont accept "?" and "&" in route.

const shopRoutingConfig:Routes = [
                path:'order/:token/:payerid', //fail in url returned from paypal



export class ShopRoutingModule{}

my order component:

export class OrderComponent implements OnInit

    constructor(private route:ActivatedRoute) {

    ngOnInit(): void {
       const routeParams = this.route.snapshot.paramMap;
       var tokenText = routeParams.get('token')
       var userId = routeParams.get('PayerID')

the only way that worked , is if i edit url manually to


"localhost:4200/shop/order?token=8YS089366D9655&PayerID=ASDVD4BLMH" token and PayerId is query params, but you have described your route as order/:token/:payerId, which is Route params.
so it would have been worked if redirection URL would be

Since redirection URL is returning with queryParams, it would be better to set your route as

path:'order/', component: yourComponent

and in component.ts

  constructor() {
  this.route.queryParams.subscribe(params => {
   this.tokenText = params.token:
   this.userId = params.payerId

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