[Fixed] Register route 404 not found


I am building a register page and when I submit the I am getting a 404 not found. I am using react and express and I think the front end is good. I am missing some back end or have the wrong url for my post request: axios.post(‘http://localhost:3000/auth’. Would appreciate some advice if anyone can see what I have wrong.

     const handleSubmit = event => {
        const user = {
          username: username,
          password: password,

        axios.post('http://localhost:5000/', { user })

This is the registerPost function for my route.

export const registerPost = async (req, res) => {
    const {username, password} =  req.body;
    const newUser = new User({username, password});

    try {
        await newUser.save();

    } catch (error) {
        res.status(409).json({ message: error.message });


These are the routes.

import express from 'express';

import { getPosts } from '../controllers/posts.js'
import { createPost, updatePost, deletePost, registerPost } from '../controllers/posts.js'

const router = express.Router();

router.get('/', getPosts);
router.post('/', createPost);
router.patch('/:id', updatePost);
router.delete('/:id', deletePost);
router.post('/auth', registerPost);

export default router;


You’re getting a 404 error, which means the url you’re trying to reach does not exist. In the React app, you’re sending the request at http://localhost:5000/, but in the Express app, you’ve defined the register route as /auth.

Updating the url in the React app to http://localhost:5000/auth should fix this.

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