[Fixed] Rename variable name received from server?


I am getting data from service in the following format

Backend- first_name
Frontend- firstName 

yourData.ts file

export interface YourData {
    first_name: number;

On the UI Angular I would like to display the format to Lower camel case


firstName is {{firstName}}

How can I solve?


You cannot rename fields of an object when it is present. You have 2 options here.


Define 3 optional fields in your interface

export interface YourData{
   first_name: number;
   firstName?: number;

And then you put a method in between where you just map the values.

convertToCamelCase(data: YourData): void {
    data.firstName= data.first_name;

The object gets processed "by reference" so you don’t need to return it.


You build up a second interface with the names in CamelCase and then you do the mapping.

export interface CopyDataInterface{
      firstName: number;

convertToCamelCase(data: YourData): CopyDataInterface{
   // instantiate an object dupdata using the interface CopyDataInterface
   // [...]
    dupdata .firstName= data.first_name;
    return dupdata;

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