[Fixed] req.query in Express.js is undefined


I am implementing Stripe Checkout in a MERN application.

After a customer makes a successful payment, he/she is redirected to a checkout success URL where CheckoutSuccess page renders on the screen. Also, Stripe sends a session_id in the URL, as shown in the picture below.
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When CheckoutSuccess page renders, I send a POST request to /api/order/success. In the route handler function, I need to access the session-id(which is in the URL) sent by Stripe.

The problem I am facing is when I try to console.log req.query, I get a blank object; therefore req.query.session_id returns undefined.
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Why is req.query a blank object?

The code snippets are as follows:

const express = require("express");
const asyncHandler = require("express-async-handler");
const dotenv = require("dotenv");

const stripe = require("stripe")(process.env.STRIPE_SECRET_KEY);

const router = express.Router();

  asyncHandler(async (req, res) => {
    const session = await stripe.checkout.sessions.retrieve(
    const customer = await stripe.customers.retrieve(session.customer);

module.exports = router;


import { createSlice, createAsyncThunk } from "@reduxjs/toolkit";
import axios from "axios";

const initialState = {
  status: "idle",
  customer: null,
  error: null,

export const fetchCustomer = createAsyncThunk(
  async (_, { rejectWithValue }) => {
    try {
      const { data } = await axios.post("/api/order/success");
      return data;
    } catch (err) {
      return rejectWithValue(err.response.data);

export const orderSlice = createSlice({
  name: "order",
  reducers: {},
  extraReducers: {
    [fetchCustomer.pending]: (state, action) => {
      state.status = "loading";
    [fetchCustomer.fulfilled]: (state, action) => {
      state.status = "succeeded";
      state.customer = action.payload;
    [fetchCustomer.rejected]: (state, action) => {
      state.status = "failed";
      state.error = action.payload.message;

export default orderSlice.reducer;


Moving out of comment and into an answer

your fetch() call isn’t passing any data or query params, right? that seems to be the issue here

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