[Fixed] RxJS: debounce a stream only if distinct


I want to debounce a stream – but only if the source value is the same as before. How would I do this with RxJS 5?

I do not want to emit a value if the value is the same and I emitted it previously within a specified time window. I should be able to use the value from the stream – or compare function similar to distinctUntilChanged.


I’m not aware of any way to do this with without creating your own operator because you need to maintain some sort of state (the last seen value).

One way looks something like this:

// I named this debounceDistinctUntilChanged but that might not be
// the best name. Name it whatever you think makes sense!

function debounceDistinctUntilChanged(delay) {
  const source$ = this;

  return new Observable(observer => {
    // Using an object as the default value
    // so that the first time we check it
    // if its the same its guaranteed to be false
    // because every object has a different identity.
    // Can't use null or undefined because source may
    // emit these!
    let lastSeen = {};

    return source$
      .debounce(value => {
        // If the last value has the same identity we'll
        // actually debounce
        if (value === lastSeen) {
          return Observable.timer(delay);
        } else {
          lastSeen = value;
          // This will complete() right away so we don't actually debounce/buffer
          // it at all
          return Observable.empty();

Now that you see an implementation you may (or may not) find it differs from your expectations. Your description actually left out certain details, like if it should only be the last value you keep during the debounce time frame or if it’s a set–basically distinctUntilChanged vs. distinct. I assumed the later.

Either way hopefully this gives you a starting point and reveals how easy it is to create custom operators. The built in operators definitely do not provide solutions for everything as-is, so any sufficiently advanced app will need to make their own (or do the imperative stuff inline without abstracting it, which is fine too).

You can then use this operator by putting it on the Observable prototype:

Observable.prototype.debounceDistinctUntilChanged = debounceDistinctUntilChanged;

// later
  .subscribe(d => console.log(d));

Or by using let:

// later
  .let(source$ => debounceDistinctUntilChanged.call($source, 400))
  .subscribe(d => console.log(d));

If you can, I recommend truly understanding what my code does, so that in the future you are able to easily make your own solutions.

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