[Fixed] RxJs map operator


I don’t understand how to solve an issue in the following scenario:

getPosts(): Observable<Post[]> {
    return this.http.get<Post[]>(this.postsUrl).pipe(
      tap(() => console.log('fetched posts')),
      catchError(this.handleError<Post[]>('getPosts', []))


export const mapYearWeek = (post: Post): Post => {
  post.time = `
  return post;


ngOnInit(): void {
        mergeMap(res => res.map(mapYearWeek(post: Post))),  
        tap((res) => console.log(res)),
        groupBy((post: Post) => post.time),
        mergeMap((group) => group.pipe(toArray())),
        tap((res) => console.log(res))

I’m getting error with mapYearweek func:

Argument of type ‘Post’ is not assignable to parameter of type
‘(value: Post, index: number, array: Post[]) => unknown’. Type
‘Post’ provides no match for the signature ‘(value: Post, index:
number, array: Post[]): unknown’.ts(2345)


  mergeMap(res => res.map(mapYearWeek(post: Post))),  

should be

  mergeMap(res => res.map(post => mapYearWeek(post))),  

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