[Fixed] sending request to an APIwhen the app is online


This is my first time to deploy a website online so I’m confused about a certain thing. Making requests to an API that is. I have my own express server to which I send some data and it sends response. I have this line of code on client side which I’m not sure how to handle:

const res = await axios.post('http://localhost:5000/upload', formdata)

How should I modify the URL so that client connects to the server and gets some information back?(I’m using heroku to deploy the website)


This is very straightforward, first get the URL of the deployed heroku apps.

By default, a Heroku app is available at its Heroku domain, which has the form [name of app].herokuapp.com. For example, an app named serene-example-4269 is hosted at serene-example-4269.herokuapp.com.

So you for the example above, just change the code to

const res = await axios.post('http://serene-example-4269.herokuapp.com/upload', formdata)

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