[Fixed] Set font family & size in ag-grid v25 angular 10


How do I set the font and it’s size in ag-grid (angular) I am using ag-grid version 25 in angular 10. I tried setting up the font in the wrapper container (div) and tag but nothing worked so far.

.wrapper-container {
   font-size : 10px;
   font-family : "Open Sans";


ag-grid-angular {
   font-size : 10px;
   font-family: "Open Sans";


If you’re using any theme, you can set the font family in the styles.scss using the theme class

.ag-theme-alpine {
  font-family: "Open Sans", sans-serif;

also, the font-size can be set in custom class within the ag-grid-angular tag.

   class="ag-theme-alpine custom-class" .... >

in custom-class set your font-size

.custom-class {
   font-size : 10px

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