[Fixed] Should I install Angular for every Node version?


I have a problem when switching from a Node.js version to another one (with the command nvm use nodeVersion).

For example when I use node 12.0.0, that I already used to develop a little application, I’m able to run the command ng version.
If I switch, for example, to node 12.11.0, when I run the command ng version I get the error bash: /c/Program Files/nodejs/ng: No such file or directory.

This makes me think that I have to re-install Angular for every version of Node I use, doing something like this:

  1. nvm use nodeVersion
  2. npm install -g @angular/cli version

Am I right? Or there is something I didn’t get?

Thank you.


each node version has each library folder, so you need to install what you want for each node version because some libraries are depending on the node version.

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