[Fixed] Syntax error when start $ heroku open


I am new to Heroku and I am trying to deploy my first app onto Heroku.
I followed instruction, which were:

  1. git init, add and commit my app’s source code.
  2. heroku create to create Heroku remote repo for my app.
  3. git push heroku master to push my app’s source code to heroku
  4. heroku open

Problem happened when I tried to run heroku open, which was:

$ heroku open
(node:6192) SyntaxError Plugin: 
ig.json: Unexpected string in JSON at position 72 module: 
@oclif/[email protected]
task: runHook prerun
plugin: heroku
root: C:\Program Files\heroku\client
See more details with DEBUG=*

Image taken from that error

I checked file config.json at the direction as addressed above, and it was:

  "schema": 1,
  "install": "554c101b-d4de-496c-9768-710142ebfb20"
 "skipAnalytics": false

So what did I do wrong here?

I would be grateful for any help.

Thank you very much!


Your config.json contains invalid JSON (note the two closing brackets). Reinstall the Heroku CLI, and you should be in good shape.

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