[Fixed] The difference between AWS Amplify and amazon-cognito-identity-js?


I’m reviewing this demo of how to integrate Cognito with Angular, and it amazon-cognito-identity-js for the authorization service.

It seems that is what we should be using, but other tutorials install AWS Amplify as a whole:

npm i aws-amplify

Curious what the difference is and whether one is more current than the other?


amazon-cognito-identity-js used to be a separate package specifically for Cognito. Recently they’ve been bundling all their SDKs into Amplify to streamline the integration process.

For instance in our iOS app the Cognito SDK had a number of issues that were resolved by moving to Amplify.

As you can see in the link below, this package is now maintained in the Amplify umbrella.


It used to be standalone here:


I would recommend going forward with Amplify as that is the direction that AWS development is headed internally, and amazon-cognito-identity-js is maintained as part of Amplify anyway.

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