[Fixed] The JSON value could not be converted to System.Boolean. Path: $


I’m trying to send a request from Angular front to asp.net API server.
The form to be submitted is defined as:

export class SaleToUpdate {
    id: number;
    shipped: boolean;
    shipDate: string;
    returned: boolean;
    returnDate: string;

markup and code

<mat-grid-tile [colspan] = "2" [rowspan] = "1">
            <input formControlName="shipDate" matInput placeholder="Ship Date">                                         
         <div class="radio-group ml-3">
              <mat-radio-group formControlName="shipped" required (ngModelChange)="shipped">           
                    <mat-radio-button value="false">No</mat-radio-button>
                     <mat-radio-button value="true" class="ml-4">Yes</mat-radio-button>

The onSubmit() method

onSubmit() {    
   if (this.salesService.saleForm.valid) {
      let sale: SaleToUpdate = this.salesService.saleForm.value;  

      this.salesService.updateSale(sale.id, sale).subscribe(res => {
      }, error => {

Therefore, basically, my purpose it to send the form data (SaleToUpdate class) to the backend server.

DTO on server-side

using System;
namespace API.Dtos
   public class SaleUpdateDto
       public int Id { get; set; }          
       public bool Shipped { get; set; }
       public DateTime ShipDate { get; set; }       
       public bool Returned { get; set; }
       public DateTime ReturnDate { get; set; }

From the console, I got the error

The JSON value could not be converted to System.Boolean. Path: $.shipped | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 274." when click onSubmit from the client.

I noticed the values for shipped&returned from the form are string datatype rather than boolean datatype

Can anyone please help me out with any possible solutions?


format your boolean fields from the Class

let sale: SaleToUpdate = this.salesService.saleForm.value;  

sale.shipped = sale.shipped === 'true' ? true: false;
sale.returned = sale.returned === 'true'? true: false;

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