[Fixed] Twilio – connect two active calls, via API, without using conference or enqueue


I have two active calls:

  1. Incoming, interacting in an IVR app
  2. Outgoing, interacting in an IVR app

I want to be able to tell the api to connect the two of them.

Option A – I can do it with a conference room, but then I’m paying extra fees for the room when I only need 2 participants.

Option B – I can do it by enqueueing call #1, then having call #2 dial the queue. But this seem impercise, and there is some extra complication when dealing with the queue.

Is there an Option C where I can call the API and direct it to connect the two calls?


Twilio developer evangelist here.

As far as I know, those are the only two options for connecting two live calls. If you really want to avoid the conference call, then option B is your best bet.

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