[Fixed] TypeScript initiate an empty interface object


Im building an app using angular 5 ( TS ),
i got stuck trying to initiate an empty object of my interface.

So the only acceptable solution i have seen is this one:

article: Article = {} as Article;

Although its seems legit it doesn’t work;
trying to use article[“something”] will fail because its just an empty object without any keys .

The result im seeking looks something like this:

export interface Article {
slug: string;
title: string;
description: string;
body: string;
tagList: string[];

after init:

article = { 'slug': '', 'title': '', 'description': '', body: '', tagList: '[]' }


An interface does not define an initial value for actual objects, but defines the requirements an object must meet for it to be an implementation of that interface.

You should create a factory of some kind that creates objects of type Article, this could be as simple as this function:

const emptyArticle = (): Article => ({
    slug: '',
    title: '',
    description: '',
    body: '',
    tagList: [],

You could additionally create a function that accepts an object that is a Partial<Article> – as described here. This enables you to pass a subset of initial values to the function. This example uses emptyArticle defined above:

const createArticle = <T extends Partial<Article>>(initialValues: T): Article & T => {
    return Object.assign(emptyArticle(), initialValues);

// Initialize a new article with a certain slug:
createArticle({ slug: 'my-awesome-article' });

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