[Fixed] Typescript type BeforeInstallPromptEvent


What’s kind of type I should use when using beforeinstallprompt event?

I tried BeforeInstallPromptEvent type, but gave me an error:

export class PwaService {
  //promptEvent: BeforeInstallPromptEvent;
  constructor(private swUpdate: SwUpdate, platform: PlatformService) {
      swUpdate.available.subscribe(event =>  {
        /*if (askUserToUpdate()) {
      window.addEventListener('beforeinstallprompt', event => {
        this.promptEvent = event;

  install(): void {


The BeforeInstallPromptEvent is a non-standard Web API and currently only supported by Chrome and Android. I’m not even sure whether Google considers it stable yet, but in either case I wouldn’t expect to see an official type definition in the TypeScript DOM library any time soon.

However you can define the type yourself, e.g. in a .d.ts file. I use the definition below (comments from MDN), which seems to be accurate enough in Chrome 68.

 * The BeforeInstallPromptEvent is fired at the Window.onbeforeinstallprompt handler
 * before a user is prompted to "install" a web site to a home screen on mobile.
 * @deprecated Only supported on Chrome and Android Webview.
interface BeforeInstallPromptEvent extends Event {

   * Returns an array of DOMString items containing the platforms on which the event was dispatched.
   * This is provided for user agents that want to present a choice of versions to the user such as,
   * for example, "web" or "play" which would allow the user to chose between a web version or
   * an Android version.
  readonly platforms: Array<string>;

   * Returns a Promise that resolves to a DOMString containing either "accepted" or "dismissed".
  readonly userChoice: Promise<{
    outcome: 'accepted' | 'dismissed',
    platform: string

   * Allows a developer to show the install prompt at a time of their own choosing.
   * This method returns a Promise.
  prompt(): Promise<void>;


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