[Fixed] Whats equivalent to ngSrc in the newer Angular?


I would like to implement img, with a src coming from JSON object.

In AngularJS, I could do:

<img ng-src="{{hash}}" alt="Description" />

Is there any equivalent to this in Angular 2+?



<img ng-src="{{movie.imageurl}}">

Angular 2+:

<img [src]="movie.imageurl">

Angular docs

Note that interpolation can achieve the same result:

<img src="{{vehicle.imageUrl}}">

<img [src]="vehicle.imageUrl">

There is no technical difference between these two statements for property binding, as long as you don’t desire two-way binding.

Interpolation is a convenient alternative for property binding in many
cases. In fact, Angular translates those interpolations into the
corresponding property bindings before rendering the view.

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