[Fixed] Why angular project occupies os much of space?


March 2021
I have started recently. But I found out that angular occupies a lot of space. I just created a project, and did not even add anything to it and the size of the project is more than 300 MB.


As MD Ashik points out, the size taken up by your projects folder is determined by one a few things:

  • The source code you write (usually not the largest space consumed)
  • Binary dependencies (these could be images, fonts etc.)
  • Dependencies from node_modules, these are two-fold:
    • Development tools (basically used to make "a build")
    • 3rd party application libraries (included in your build)

To get the actual size that your application takes up, when deployed (and served to an end-user) you can have a look at the space taken up by the dist-folder

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