[Fixed] zsh: command not found: nx


I am trying to create a library in Angular using nx g @nrwl/angular:lib shared but it keep giving me error zsh: command not found: nx. All I did was before just create a angular project.
I try using this: npm install -g nx so maybe it install nx and it works, but I still keep getting the same error.

How can I fix this? I am using Mac.
If any questions or information needed please feel free to leave the comment down below.


Either you don’t have refreshed your zsh paths, which can be fixed by opening a new terminal or type


in the prompt.

If this doesn’t work then nx isn’t globally installed on your machine. You have to type
npm run nx [your command] instead of just "nx" to use it, so in your case:

npm run nx -- g @nrwl/angular:lib shared

Sources: https://nx.dev/latest/angular/cli/overview#installing-the-cli

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