FLASK SQLAlchemy query,filter and give multiple returns


I am trying to create an API with flask-sqlalchemy that takes employee_id number and returns all info of them. Some employees are in two departments so I want it to return json of all the departments that the employee might belong. The code runs but it gives me an empty list when I enter an employee id.

@app.route('/getrate/<int:employee_id>', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def getrate(employee_id):
    for rating in ratings:

        # print(type(newResponse))

    all = {


    return all


You give SQLAlchemy a string not the real employee_id.
Therefore you have to change ratings to this:

ratings = credit_scores.query.filter_by(employee_id=employee_id).all()

The second problem I see is, that you are referencing a variable, that is not assigned, which is rate. You have to change rate to rating.

for rating in ratings:
    newResponse = {

    # print(type(newResponse))

Actually Im not sure, if your DBMS has stored department as a data structured list. If this is the case than change str(rating.department) to list(rating.department), which is still valid with the JSON format.

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