flutter 3.3 ShaderCompilerException ink_sparkle.frag failed with exit code -1073740791


Since updating my flutter to 3.3+ everytime I try to build my project there is this error on the console:

Target web_release_bundle failed: ShaderCompilerException: Shader compilation of
"C:\flutter\packages\flutter\lib\src\material\shaders\ink_sparkle.frag" to "build\web\assets\shaders/ink_sparkle.frag"
failed with exit code -1073740791.

Compiling lib\main.dart for the Web...                             52,1s
Exception: Failed to compile application for the Web.

I’ve tried running flutter clean, deleting the project and downloading it again from github, clearing pub-cache from c:\flutter folder and also deleting flutter and installing it again but nothing worked


This error is present since 3.3.0 and until today (3.3.2), it wasn’t fixed… but there are some workarounds:

1- Downgrade flutter to 3.0.5 (some updates to the libs you use won’t be avaliable as they are migrating to 3.3+)

2- They are currently tracking the issue on github and the ‘temp fix’ is checking if your project is in a folder with a utf8 character (like ‘â’, ‘Á’ and maybe some chinese or japanese characters) and moving it to a folder only with ASCII characters.


from -> C:\Users\user\Área de Trabalho\
to -> C:\Users\user\

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