Flutter android release stuck on splash screen


Flutter android release build is stuck on splash screen.

I have tried by cleaning project flutter clean. But still it got stuck on splash screen. I have also used WidgetsFlutterBinding.ensureInitialized(); before executing the runApp(). Still it stuck on splash screen. Also haven’t found error logs that can be resolved.

It is not happening with debug version or when I run with flutter run --release. The app is running smoothly in flutter run --release.

I’m using flutter 1.22.0 & VSCode 1.49.3. Testing & releasing for android.

I’m stuck with this last 3 days. It would be very helpful if anyone can help me.


I solved this problem by

flutter build apk --no-shrink --split-per-abi

Don’t know why, but I think code default shrinking was the problem.

Answered By – Anirban Das

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