Flutter – BloC Cubit function doesn't emitting state


I’m creating a Flutter application. I’m added a BloC to my project for management state.
I created a list with data. And I want to add item to ListView manually with button ‘Add’.

I’m wrote a code:

My Item Cubit

class ItemCubit extends Cubit<List<Item>> {
  ItemCubit() : super([]);

  void addItem(item){

Page of Items with Provider:

class SearchPage extends StatelessWidget {
  const SearchPage({Key? key}) : super(key: key);
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: BlocProvider(
        create: (_) => ItemCubit(),
        child: Search(),

And I call the BlocBuilder in Stateless Widget like this:

body: BlocBuilder<MarketCubit, List<Market>>(
            builder: (context, items) => TabBarView(...))

So when I call my function from state:

Item item = Item(1, 'Item 1');

 }, child: Text('Add Item')),

The ListView doesn’t updating. What’s problem?
Thanks a lot!


create new variable, add them to the new variable list, update your new variable list item to it, emit the data with the new variable. this is how i got it working.

late List<ServicesExpensesList> newList = <ServicesExpensesList>[];
    state.utilityDataList.forEach((element) {
    newList.insert(0, utilityData);
    newList.sort((a, b) => b.createdAt.compareTo(a.createdAt));
      utilityDataList: newList,
      status: state.status == BlocStateStatus.success
          ? BlocStateStatus.updated
          : BlocStateStatus.success,

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