Flutter hold splash screen for 3 Seconds. How to implement splash screen in Flutter?


How to show splash screen in flutter for 3 seconds and then go next my login screen.

I have tried.countdowntimer but import is unresolved

import 'package: countDown/countDown.dart';
CountDown cd  =  new CountDown(new Duration(seconds: 4));
CountDown is unresolved 

Android Studio & Flutter


You can execute code with a delay using Future.delayed

new Future.delayed(const Duration(seconds: 3), () {
  Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/login');


const delay = 3;
widget.countdown = delay;

StreamSubscription sub;
sub = new Stream.periodic(const Duration(seconds: 1), (count) {
  setState(() => widget.countdown--);  
  if(widget.countdown <= 0) {
    Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/login');

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