Flutter image adding and emulator running error


I want to add image in android studio. I created a folder named "images" inside the project and pasted the image I wanted to upload there. Then I did the "assets" operation in the "pubspec.yaml" file. I clicked pub get. But I am getting a problem.

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How to include images in your app

1. Create an assets/images folder

  • This should be located in the root of your project, in the same folder as your pubspec.yaml file.
  • In Android Studio you can right click in the Project view
  • You don’t have to call it assets or images. You don’t even need to make images a subfolder. Whatever name you use, though, is what you will register in the pubspec.yaml file.

2. Add your image to the new folder

  • You can just copy your image into assets/images. The relative path of lake.jpg, for example, would be assets/images/lake.jpg.

3. Register the assets folder in pubspec.yaml

  • Open the pubspec.yaml file that is in the root of your project.

  • Add an assets subsection to the flutter section like this:

      - assets/images/lake.jpg
  • If you have multiple images that you want to include then you can leave off the file name and just use the directory name (include the final /):
      - assets/images/

4. Use the image in code

  • Get the asset in an Image widget with Image.asset('assets/images/lake.jpg').

5. Restart your app

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