gdb backtrace with no user input?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to launch an application via GDB, on a SegFault write the backtrace to a file (to look at later), and then exit GDB all without any user input.

I’m running an application from a shell script in an infinite loop (so if it crashes it reloads) on OS boot from a non-interactive session. The application is crashing in a non-reproducible way so I need a backtrace from the crash to debug the issue. Ideally, I’d just modify the shell script to include the GDB debugging + backtracing functionality and preserve the automatic restarting of the application following a crash.

Is this possible to do?


Thanks to Aditya Kumar; acceptable solution:

gdb -batch -ex "run" -ex "bt" ${my_program} 2>&1 | grep -v ^"No stack."$

If the program needs arguments:

gdb -batch -ex "run" -ex "bt" --args ${my_program} param1 param2 \
                              param3 ... 2>&1 | grep -v ^"No stack."$

Answered By – Matt Razza

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