Get host computer information from within R code


I want to get host computer information from R code. For my machine setup program there are slight differences in initial setup of section of the script depending on the machine used, and I need to read this information to know what to do. For example I have to do something like this:

if( isServer() ) {
  resultsDir <- "U:\\Share\\Results\\"
  maxIterations <- 1000
} else {
  resultsDir <- "D:\\Temp\\"
  maxIterations <- 50

I’m using Win7 locally and the other machine is Win 2008 Server.


You can use On my system:
#  sysname                      release                      version                     nodename                      machine                  </snip>
#"Windows"                      "7 x64" "build 7601, Service Pack 1"                        "***"                     "x86-64"                  </snip>

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