Getting Error while Import razorpay in django


I am integrating razorpay payment gateway in django project but i am getting error while importing razorpay as :- Import razorpay could not be resolved

from django.shortcuts import render

import razorpay  # Here i am getting error

from .models import coffee

This is my full code

from django.shortcuts import render

import razorpay

from .models import coffee 
# Create your views here.

def index(request):
    if request.method=='POST':
    Name = request.POST.get("Name")
    Amount = int(request.POST.get("Amount")) * 100
    client = razorpay.Client(auth=            ("rzp_test_YhfEhfejrkkjdkfju","t5MRPkjfijdh23845kejkej"))
    payment = client.order.create({'Amount':Amount, 'currency':'INR','payment_capture':'1'})
    Coffee = coffee(Name=Name, Amount=Amount , payment_id = payment['id'] )
    return render(request,'index.html',{'payment':payment})

return render(request,'index.html')

def success(request):
    if request.method == 'POST':
    a = request.POST
return render(request,"success.html")

This is my terminal

File "D:\Project 3\payment\paymentapp\", line 18, in <module>
from .import views
File "D:\Project 3\payment\paymentapp\", line 3, in <module>
import razorpay
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'razorpay'


There are few basic thing you have to know before using razorpay gateway in you project first is your amount is considered in paisa so you have to * 100 to converte it in to rupee as I can see you are multiplying * 10 to amount next if you want to use razorpay you must use

pip install razorpay 

And I will also recommend you to read the full documentation for using becuase seems that you are missing lot of thing like you have to write JavaScript code handle etc.

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